Our history

After immigrating to Canada more than 10 years ago, Julio Venegas founded CANACOL SERVICES with his children in July 2018. The company emerged due to the lack of authentic Latin American products in the country. The few foods on offer were scarce and their shipment was complex and expensive.

With an average of 500 thousand Latinos and 7 million immigrants in Canada, the nostalgia and desire for recipes from their places of origin were a fundamental starting point for the company. Family traditions and gastronomic identity are something that Canacol wants to bring to the world.

Determined to consolidate the company, Canacol brings together the knowledge acquired in both countries and establishes itself solidly and competitively in Quebec. From that moment on, a reliable, efficient and quite extensive network of contacts is created beyond the borders.

This is how the first Canacol Services branch was opened on the Rive-Sud in Montréal.

Throughout its initial expansion, Canacol acquired an unparalleled import/export capacity. This opened the way to consulting and consequently the constant exchange, shipping and distribution of documents, packages and products.

Gradually and with the contribution of new members of this great family and great teamwork, Canacol evolved over time and managed to create the appropriate means to offer the best service with the best product. Every item, without exception, undergoes quality testing with a person from the same country of its export and is then put on sale.

This combination of qualities, experience and international support, makes Canacol one of the best companies today, making a difference in the market. What makes Canacol Services special, is that for this company it is always a personal matter, Canacol does not offer what it would not give to its own family.

Today, Canacol Services is the fastest growing service company in the province of Quebec. Canacol will continue to improve its procedures on a daily basis in order to always offer the best to you and your family.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring families closer together through our products and services.

Our vision

By the year 2025 we project ourselves as the leading company in distribution and shipping throughout the country.

Our Values

Family, perseverance and efficiency.
Canacol Services
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